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N-Focus Planning & Design, Inc.

Over the last ten years our team has grown, but our mission has remained the same: to create opportunities for success by keeping implementation in mind at every step.  By consistently aiming to exceed expectations and create places that can become a beacon for community values, lifestyle, and character in ways that answer the demands of limited infrastructure, we provide a resource to help Local Governments in the Carolinas accomplish their mission.  By working under the direction of our Jurisdictions to realize their potential, protect their treasures, and help them see over the horizon, the projects are always relevant and our goal is to accomplish yours.

To the Local Government Administration and Planning Departments, this experience means that we fully comprehend the accountability to the citizenry and to the public process.  Experience with tried and true public policy principles makes N•Focus your resource for both conventional policy on growth and public services as well as your resource for innovative, forward-thinking concepts to realize the community your citizens desire.  Our belief in public service and commitment to your goals will ensure the proper professional representation in the formation and execution of public policy to exceed your expectations.